Welcome to Soma Los Angeles!

Soma Los Angeles is a family on Jesus’ mission of making disciples, sent out by God to serve our world. “Soma” is the Greek word for body. It is the word used in the Bible to describe the Church as the Body of Jesus Christ. We are connected to him as our head – he is our head pastor and leader.

As his Body, we are to be the physical expression of what God is like so that the fullness of Jesus Christ can be seen and heard through us in every place and in every way.  Soma Los Angeles is not a place to ‘go to church’ but a place to be the church, the body, in Los Angeles.

If you’re here for the first time, be sure to check out the page What is Soma? and the information about our Burbank and Culver City Expressions.

We’re a part of the larger body of believers through our partnership with Soma Communities based in Tacoma, Washington and associated with the Acts 29 network – a movement of church-planting believers, and aligned with reformed, missional, gospel-centered believers world wide.

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